If your a FABLES fan, you’ve probably heard the rumors about adapting the Bill Willingham masterpiece into a full fledged movie going on several years now. Then you heard that ABC was adapting a story like Fables “Once Upon A Time” , cause they couldn’t get the rights to Fables, but knew the idea was a money maker. If you chose to watch that show, I don’t care how good it is, and you knew it was a direct rip off of Fables…shame on you and you should stop reading this post right now cause what I’m about to say is for the real fans.

We received this bit of amazing news from Collider regarding a deal in the works to really and I mean really, bring FABLES to the big screen. No seriously folks, this might actually happen. This is what Collider had to say…

According to Heat Vision, director Nikolaj Arcel (the Oscar-nominated A Royal Affair) has signed on to direct the adaptation, and screenwriter Jeremy Slater (the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four) will pen the script. I haven’t seen A Royal Affair yet (I’ll be remedying that soon), but I have full faith in Slater handling the script. Furthermore, David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford of Heyday Films (the producers behind the Harry Potter franchise) are on board to produce.

Now the real test will be whether we, as fans, are in abundance enough to eclipse the hype that has been made over all the bullshit spin offs like Grim and Once Upon A Time, I believe we can. Having never even seen those shows, I think I can say with every bit of confidence that the writing in FABLES surpasses those shows ten fold. Here’s to hoping the stars will align for this project! Long live Fable Town!