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This group really is one of those matches made in heaven. With Kate Hurst on vocals and Swedish song writing/production team Rocket Boy (Hampus Nordgren Hemlin, Oskar Sikow Engström, and Markus Dextegen) backing her up, I use that term lightly, Kate Boy continues to astound. Seems they are good with the black and white look of all their videos and this ones no exception. Maybe it’s cause they want you focus on the music. Done and done…this track is another banger from the group.

PRO ERA-LIKE WATER  (Feat. Joey Badass, CJ FLy and Capital STEEZ)

Brooklyn does it again and again. Must be something in the water. Pro Era lays down another jazz orientated banger with “Like Water“, delivering sublime beats and rhymes that are indicative of hip hop greats like Brand Nubian‘s or Tribe Called Quest. These cats are the new Native Tongue, planting their flag on the  mindless music of late.  Let’s hope they have the stamina to keep it real.


All I have to say is about time. I mean with a name like that what the hell were they waiting on? This is a funny video and I’m not quite sure why I’m posting this, but I find it pretty funny. Maybe it’s the commitment of everyone involved especially the girls. I could’ve thought of a million and one other directions they could’ve went, but again the name of the band is Autoerotic…nuff said.


Rone’s gone ahead and went they way of old school rigging for this latest single Let’s Go. A respectable endeavor given the effort it might have taken to hang all these people from the ceiling and effort seldom seen in this day of CGI. Great song though and video.

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