MITNG’S Videos of the Week

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Deerhoof-Breakup Songs
Looking like outtakes from M. Knight Shyamalan’s The Village ,this strange group of images does nothing to reinforce the songs message, but instead takes you on a primeval journey to the 1700’s for some plague-like goings on. It’s an interesting song that needed an interesting video and boy did we get one.

Mykki Blanco-The Initiation

I wouldn’t expect anything less from the hip hop diva Mykki Blanco. This time he went full throttle on the weird and introduced ideas of a society of misfits being hunted down by “the man”. I must admit, I’m getting the Aphex Twins vibe while watching, but this might’ve just been me.

Cloud Control-Dojo Rising
Obviously a play on Jim Morrison‘s famous anagram, the Aussie folk band Cloud Control, traveled to Bolivia for their latest video that features a Quincenera that has gone pear shape. One question, who the hell would hire a clown that looked like John Wayne Gacy? Are you mad?

G FrSH-Never Can I
This tuff track has that Mad Decent feel to it, but with way better lyrics than those coming from the MD camp, as of late. I kept waiting to see or hear Santigold pop out of this video, but she never did :(. Still an outstanding video from this Nigerian born stylee.

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