Another groundbreaking remix of Mezo’s “Connected” by DJ MICRO


You may have already seen this track in a past post, but the beautiful track “Connected” by Mezo has just received a complete makeover by electronic artist, Micro. This remix distributed by Dank on his label Funky Element Records , is extremely kick-ass and is steadily climbing the Beatport charts. The track begins as a regular house jam that forms into a very complex arrangement. The Deadmau5 sound is prominent, but he gets creative and only expands as the song progresses.

Mezo’s original is used very wisely throughout the song, and the killer vocals and steady beat are prime examples of the artistic 168538_10150365788535512_506280511_16986149_1040673_nmerit in this track. I can’t get enough of the blips of silence that add to the effect of a drop. It only fires me up for what’s about to happen. The production is prime quality, and Dj Micro (Caffeine, DeCaf) puts his best foot forward to keep listeners on their toes. The song creates a 3D effect in my head. It expands and compresses to build the rise and fall of energy. At just over 6 minutes, the song does build a lot, but it’s the falling action that grabbed my attention.

When the song separates itself for another build up, I wonder how much more it has in store to still be energetic and entertaining. About halfway through, Micro pulls a rabbit out of a hat and adds a few twists and turns that would make anybody go wild. A little dubstep frills and bass drops are a great change to keep it fresh. Finally, the track ends with a straightforward, clean ending of 4/4 bass hits and the main rhythm repeats itself to it’s final stop. Loving what I hear, and just another great remix of Mezo’s “Connected”.

Be sure to check out the track below and let us know what you think!

Funky Element Records

 Micro on Facebook

 Micro on Beatport

Mezo on Facebook

Mezo on Beatport

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