Shot like a Mark Romanek music video, Tonight I Strike is a pleasant and unexpected treat for lovers of Philip K Dick (Blade Runner) or William Gibson (Neuromancer). Directed by DAN GAUD and produced by DIMEWORTH FILMS, Tonight I Strike blew me away! I’m a huge fan of simple stories, mainly because I can’t get myself to write a simple story to save my life, but director Dan Gaud and Ayz Waraich , took their time with this piece or they could’ve threw this together in a week, nevertheless they did what most films of late have failed to do and that’s get me to empathize with the protagonist Liam.

In a brilliant stroke of genius, it was the leads housemaid/robot, that tied this whole film together so fucking well. Not much screen time was needed or special effects, for that fact, to let us in as to why Liam did the things he does in the film. No cops, no robots, no nothing…just him and a crowbar. This suicide mission was Liam trying to put things right on an un-lived life, but is it too late? The story packs a punch and is easily one of the best science fiction shorts I’ve seen in awhile. A lot of heart and thought went into Tonight I Strike and the end result is a thing to behold!

I am very excited to see what this director and writer have next up their sleeve.


Liam is searching for his sister and nothing will get in his way. A tale of violence, redemption and magnets.

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