Artist Nicola Verlato’s book “From Verona With Rage” is breathtaking modern Renaissance

FRom VErona

I have a wide range of tastes when it comes to art. My rule of thumb is, if it moves me, I like it. From street art to cave drawings, I’m blessed to be able to see the art in most things as are many and the work of Italian painter Nicola Verlato, is the antithesis of everything I find beautiful in art.

From age 9 to 14 Nicola spent his days learning to draw from a monk in northern Italy and did his first show at the age 15 in Lonigo, Italy. In addition to his love for art he also had a place in his heart for music and took courses at the musical conservatory in Verona. There he learned to play classic guitar, Lute, piano and composition, but as he grew older his tastes changed and he began to lean toward the more modern sounds like the electric guitar, bass, synths, eventually graduating to composing songs, jingles and soundtracks for documentaries.

Clearly a true Renaissance man eh?



After spending 7 years in Milan, where he created his well grounded notoriety in Italy, in 2004 decided to move to NY city. In these last years he showed principally in NY city and in various galleries and museum around the States, Italy and Norway, but also in India as well as Germany, Holland and other Europen countries. His major achievement has been his participation with an installation of paintings and sculptures as a representative of the Italian Pavillion at the 2009 Venice Biennale. Since 2011 Nicola Verlato lives and works in Los Angeles

When you see his work, you get a clear sense of passion. Sure his style is reminiscent of the greats, but Nicola has put a dream-like nightmare spin on it. He’s taken Americana and given it a heavy does of Slo-Mo. Mind you, there is nothing to suggest that the images he’s painting are going in slow motion in his mind, but we as movie watchers, tend to associate slo-mo with beauty, so that’s what he’s done. His subject matter is every thing from porn, car crashes to Native American Genocide, but no matter how serious the subject, he manages to make it so damn beautiful. The skills and styles that he learned in Italy has made him a master of themes, his manipulation of light and understanding of the human body is astounding and now you too can own his amazing works in his recently released hardcover book From Verona With Rage for only $22.00.

From Verona With Rage
Italian born painter Nicola Verlato believes deeply in the power of figurative painting. From Verona with Rage features works created over the past 5 years since moving his studio to the United States. Verlato daringly combines techniques and skills borrowed from the old masters with themes more pop culture than Raphael. Regardless of the stew of pop-culture sign-posts found in his work, ranging from Disney to rock n roll, to movie stars, comics and pornography, his central argument – that nothing evokes an emotional reaction more than the human form – is borne out by his highly dramatic tableaus. Verlato’s engrossing paintings manifest ample technical skill, but more importantly, they draw us in and ask us to consider the meaning of it all. An entire chapter of the book is devoted to Verlato’s extremely involved modeling and sketching process.

Nicola Verlato Website

From Verona With Rage on Amazon

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