MITNG’S Videos of the Week


STARS-Hold On When You Get Love & Let Go When You Give It

I needed this video after the week I’ve had in rootin tootin Arizona. Sometimes you just need to be reminded that it’s going to be alright and this video was a healthy dose of that. This new single from the Montreal based group is an absolute winner and is guaranteed to put a smile on your noggin.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Despair

I almost thought the music wasn’t going to start and that would’ve been okay. I’d given them props for coming with the “Me and a Gun” approach to this track. Might’ve been tough for me to swallow, but I’m always willing to go where Karen takes me. This track is deliberate and one of the best tracks I’ve heard from this bands new album. This album could be the one to look out for this year.

M.I.A-Bring The Noize
This girl can do no wrong in my eyes. My only question is how does she keep doing it? If this single is any indication of what the rest of her album holds, this is gonna be a true classic

Arctic Monkeys-Do I Wanna Know?
I’m still not sure what compelled me to post this video. I’m not a huge Arctic Monkeys fan, but this song is really catchy and has an uncanny blues element that hooked me in. Plus this video looks like it was directed by Robert Crumb. All thick like.

Chvrches is still one of the happiest bands in electronica to date. The Scottish band delivers a refreshing pop sound that, strangely enough, I can stomach. I don’t know if this video should come with a warning since just about everything causes seizures nowadays, but in case it doesn’t, you’ve been warned.

Finally a safe for work video. A-Trak and Armand Van Helden better known as Duck Sauce has rolled out yet another fun one with an equally fun video, that if you have your kids with you at work you could sit with them and watch.As long as you remember to do your work


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