First images from Pablo Escobar biopic starring Benecio Del Toro arrives


I use the term Pablo Escobar biopic very loosely, having just read the synopsis. Directed by Andrea di Stefano (Before Night Falls), the story surrounds a young surfer, played by Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), who falls in love with a beautiful young girl whom he discovers is Pablo Escobars niece.

I don’t know about this…

I’ll have to see the trailer to make any kind of real decision as to whether to see this or not. My guess is that either there is an official Pablo Escobar movie in the works and Andrea had to skirt the real storyline to do his film or he just didn’t have the money to acquire the rights to the real story. I mean it doesn’t make any sense to me why you wouldn’t just do the damn Escobar movie. Why would I want to follow this kid when the real story is laying right there?  Hollywood is weird!


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