Amanda Seyfried makes a pretty convincing Linda Lovelace in new trailer for Lovelace


The world can never have too many movies set in the seventies. I have to believe that there’s a cross section of this world that eats flicks like this up. Zodiac,Boogie Nights,Blow,Crooklyn,Casino, you name it, I love movies set in the seventies,cause if you think about it, they’re all usually pretty good.

It’s like what they really did, movie-wise, in the seventies was crap, but we “in the now” always tend to romanticizes their trivialities and it works most of the time. Such is the case with Lovelace starring Amanda Seyfried and directed by Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman (Howl). In this film they try to uncover the mysteries behind the woman behind the movie that rocked a nation. I must say it was a far out concept even by today’s standards to create a porno about a girl whose clitoris was located in the back of her throat. Then you have Marilyn Chamber’s Behind the Green Door which was another classic that made huge waves in the seventies, but through it all these were all still artist who for all intents and purposes, were trying to make real movies. A point brought up a million times by Burt Reynold’s character Jack Horner in Boogie Night’s.

VHS did screw everything up, but people do still try to make plot driven porn, but it’s no match for the internet’s instant and often times, disturbing reach. I guess that’s what makes films like this “seem” so important. The seventies in America, although sexy enough, was still sexually repressed and people like Linda Lovelace were unintentionally pushed to the forefront of the new sexual revolution of that time. That is until Aids came along and flipped up the whole game.

WOW…this post went in several different directions, but for some reason I needed to get that out.

Lovelace stars Peter Sarsgaard, Hank Azaria, Adam Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Sharon Stone and James Franco as Hugh Hefner.


Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman (Howl) direct Lovelace written by Andy Bellin. Based on Eric Danville’s biography The Complete Linda Lovelace, the film follows Linda Boreman’s  (Amanda Seyfried) rise to fame as iconic porn star Linda Lovelace of Deep Throat, the most iconic adult film ever made, and her subsequent transformation into feminist, anti-porn activist Linda Marchiano. The story is told through the perspective of three interviewers at various stages of her life. James Franco, Sharon Stone, Hank Azaria, Peter Sarsgaard and more star in the film which hits theaters later this summer on August 9th.

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