Janelle Monáe does what she does, but with so much finesse. She’s never compromised who she is for the sake of money and because she’s uncompromising, her fan base has remained true and unwavering. Blending her love for jazz,funk,soul, rock and a bit of science fiction,  she’s managed to create this entertaining hybrid of danceable tracks and groundbreaking visuals.  Together with video director Wendy Morgan, Janelle takes a bite of the “Hey Ya” apple (visually) for “Dance Apocalyptic”, but adds a few new whistles and bells to the iconic Andre 3000 track, mainly in the form of some fabulous long locks, which she sports with gilded grace. Janelle has a chameleon aspect to her persona a.k.a being able to where any hairstyle she wants, this will definitely help her out as she begins to explore varying levels of her evolution/look.

What’s strange and so cool about this video, is the choices the director made in regards to the supposed random stock footage you see throughout the video. It’s bizarre and engaging. As for the music, it’s poppy, but fresh and still well within her vibe. “Dance Apocalyptic” is a perfect song for the summer and so is this video. Keep em coming girl!

Janelle Monae’s second album The ELectric Lady drops September 10 and is being released on Atlantic Records