MITNG’S Video’s of the Week


Janelle Monae-Dance Apocalyptic

I was talking to my wife about what she thought of Janelle’s new video for her latest single Dance Apocalyptic and she was a little surprise/not ready for Janelle’s make-over, considering how about “not being common” she was on her first album. I have to agree it’s a bit jarring, but I think she may have done this look for this video only cause her homepage has her in her usual do. I’m not hating, I still love this song.


Joey Badass-95 til Infinity

Brooklyn Brooklyn…Brooklyn!! Still the home and forever will be, for the Brooklyn based lyricist Joey Badass. The title of this track may be a shout out to Hieroglyphics, but who knows. Regardless, I had to pull my eyes away from the city backdrop and back on Joey throughout this video, but that’s me being homesick.


Magnetic Fields-Andrew in Drag

Magnetic Fields front man Stephin Merritt, always seems to remind us that life is meant to be looked at through anti-depressants. Whether it be love or lost, the melancholy lacquer Stephin uses on his tracks is as comical as it is profound. Andrew in Drag is Steve’s cathartic tribute to a friend he prefers looking at through beer goggles.


Bjork-Mutual Core

Bjork should build a home in MOMA and stay there for the rest of her life. She’s a living breathing work of modern art and nothing personifies that like this amazing video for Mutual Core, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang. All I can say is total immersion is the only way to go.



The Pixies are back minus Kim Deal, but for what it’s worth, that really doesn’t effect me. This track is still a thing a beauty and it’s complimented well by this willful sprite, hellbent on completely fucking up his own house. But it’s okay, it’s in slo-motion, so the destruction looks kinda pretty.


Dan DeaconUSA (Adult Swim Singles 2013)

I immediately purchased this track on Itunes when I heard it. It’s just too large not too and I was feeling very patriotic cause it was the Fourth of July. But my version of patriotism may differ from yours, but guess what? We still love superhero movies. Dan Deacon is rippin shit up on this one…BEHOLD!!


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