Check out this amazing “The Making of Goodfellas” documentary


It’s funny, cause when I think back to that evening at Pleasure Island AMC Theaters with my bestfriend Damion and watching Goodfellas, all I remember was how violent the film was and not being able to wrap my mind around it. I attribute that film as being “thee” film that broke my “Rated R” cherry. I don”t think it was until a year later that I could truly appreciate the genius of that film. Even to this day, it’s in my top ten of best films ever made.

This “making of…” documentary, delves a little into the behind the scenes of this amazing gangster drama by talking to the people who were involved like editor Thelma Shoonmaker, writer of the book Nicholas Pileggi and actors Paul Sorvino, Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco. The film also talks to Martin Scorcese and a host of other partners who’ve been with Marty since the beginning.

It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come since this film, a fact brought crashing home when you see the use of a flatbed, reel to reel editor. Goodfellas was timeless in it’s execution and artistry, even by today standards. I don’t think Martin has ever made a film that good since, which is a shame considering he should’ve won the Oscar for it. Instead they throw him that sympathy vote years later with The Departed, a film that fails in comparison to Goodfellas, but what do I know?

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