M.I.A is an anomaly of sorts, not because she’s an artist that constantly challenges herself, but because, if you really listen to what she is saying, she’s always coming hard at the problems in the world. Whether she’s just cashing in on her self-perpetual, controversial nature or is truly a rebel remains to be seen, but she’s always gone the way of independent distribution until 2004 when she signed to a major, but in her defense maybe she’s using that as a way to get her message out to more people. I’m not gonna lie, I still hear a little girl when I listen to M.I.A., but that’s part of her charm. She has that level of reckless abandon to her style that’s infectious and always pushing things forward. She’s like a real life version of Tank Girl in my eyes.

This new trailer for her documentary (untitled) contains a lot of what I already knew about her, at least from the trailer stand point, but maybe there’s more. I guess we’ll just have to see. The trailer contains interviews with Kanye West, Diplo and a host of others. Because this trailer is supposedly “unofficial” I guess we should expect to see a legitimate trailer soon. No word on distribution yet.