Alan Moore’s, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, is getting a tv show


I use the name Alan Moore loosely seeing as how he wants nothing to do with any of his works that have been turned into films. I wonder if he still wants the money the adaptations have made…hmmmm.

Looks like the steampunkish hybrid adventure The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is gonna get another chance at redemption.

FOX has picked up the series for a “put pilot” which essentially means that the network pays a penalty if the pilot for League never airs. God, they needed that clause for Wonder Woman.

Of course you all know that it was originally adapted for the screen in 2003 and it starred Sean Connery, all I can say was the best thing that came from that film was the stretch convertible something or other. That was a bad mamma-jamma!

Per TV Line, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen already has a creative staff in place. Kings, Heroes, and The River showrunner Michael Green will serve as the writer/executive producer/showrunner on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, while Erwin Stoff (The Matrix) is also producing. There’s no word on whether the pilot would be ready for a fall bow or if the series is being prepped as a midseason replacement (or even a Fall 2014 show), but the development is obviously well underway.

I have long since grown weary of “The League” and haven’t really followed the stories in awhile, but it is one of the better titles floating around and it is written by Alan Moore, so I’ll be curious to see what FOX plans to do with this gem.

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