Dark Horse’s Blood Brothers plays well with the vampire genre


Dark Horse’s Blood Brother’s is about two vampires (Tree and Nick) who are older than shit, but despite the eternal gift they manage to make the most out of everyday by moonlighting as bounty hunters in Las Vegas. Being immortal has afforded them opportunists, the likes of which will make you chuckle. There historical exploits fall anywhere from participating in an orgy in The Sisten Chapel (while Michaelangelo was still painting) to helping Ghangis Khan conquer Asia.

When we catch up with the two they are about as ordinary as ordinary get’s. They live in a two bedroom apartment in Vegas and bring in bag guys to make ends meet…barely. Unbeknownst to Nick his blood is being sought out by another vampire who intends to resurrect a very powerful vampire “Quadilla” who could control the mind of any blood sucker. Nick is being lured into a trap by this vampire and Nicks, supposed Ex, is the bait…it’s a long story.

Blood Brothers is written by newcomers Mike Gagerman, Andrew Waller and illustrated by Evan Shaner (Buddy Cops,EERIE). For what it’s worth, it’s an entertaining read, but a tad slow for a pilot. This will require a bit of speed that I’m sure is yet to come. It’s a risky move to drink from the Vampire cup this late in the game, considering we may actually be done with the genre as a society, but there’s always room for growth. New spins and twist, that could turn this age old drama of sex, beauty and eternal life, into something groundbreaking. It’s a decent start and I look forward to issue number two.

Purchase Blood Brother’s #1 at Dark Horse Digital


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