Vancouver Folk Festival 2013 Friday Preview

We’ve arrived! Touched down right in the heart of Vancouver, and currently residing in the beautiful Jericho Beach. Friday night shows start at 5:00PM and we ar excited to see a wonderful array of local and international talent.

We begin with the world-beat ensemble, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. They’re story is what creates their stardom. As a group of refugee’s that were displaced during the Civil War in Sierra Leone, they have toured extensively to raise awareness for humanitarian causes. They’ve been noted and praised by names like Ice Cube, Keith Richards, and even Sir Paul McCartney. They’re set starts at 5:00.


Following the group is BC’s very own Hannah Georgas. She’s following the recent success of self-titled album, and has found great strides with her single, “Enemies”. She’s a world-class performer who has been apart of fellow festival headliner’s touring band, Kathleen Edwards. What better way to learn the ways around performing? Her set starts at 6:20.


After the set, Hayden is up for a performance. Born in Ontario, he covers a variety of genres, ranging from grunge to alternative country. Recently, he has been refining his sound and has released an album this year titled Us Apart. He strays from the earlier style of his work and begins to touch more into acoustic folk, and even country. His set starts at 7:20.


We have the highest anticipation for Kathleen Edwards. She’s blowing up in North America following her 2012 album, Voyageur. The album has received large amounts of critical acclaim, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Polaris Prize. It reached #2 in Canada, and reached an outstanding #39 in the US, making her a crossover to the American music market. We look forward to  seeing her tonight at 8:45.


To wrap up the main stage night, Delhi 2 Dublin performs at 10. They’re a Vancouver-based group who combines the unlikely sounds of Bhangra and Celtic. Formed in 2006, they’ve been festival sweethearts throughout the city and have since released 6 albums, the most recent in 2012, titled Turn Up The Stereo.


Be sure to check up for a full day review with photos to match.

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