Beautiful new video for Washed Out’s “Don’t Give Up”


Washed Out’s Ernest Greene continues his mission of bringing the world dreamy beach-like vibes in his latest single “Don’t Give Up” off his sophomore release Paracosm. Don’t Give Up was directed by Kate Moross whose made quite a name for herself in the commercial world working for heavy hitters like Apple and Nike. Her Nat-Geo approach to this video, almost warrants watching it in IMAX, it’s vivid and her subtle use of color changing is highly imaginative. I must admit having to take a step back from this video when I first started watching it. It was almost too pretty for this song, but toward the end the merriment between Washed Out’s blissed out vibes and the majesty of G-d’s creatures made for a nice experience. One I hope, you will agree, is worth watching a couple of times.

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