There’s been much talk about Alfonso Cuaron’s new film GRAVITY starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, but until now we really hadn’t seen any lengthy footage. Well ladies and gents, here it is and it’s absolutely breathtaking. What Alfonso and his VFX team has done is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and for this to be shown in IMAXit’s going to be immense. It used to be the belief that you could only draw people into an IMAX screen with monsters, wizards or capped crusaders, but not anymore. The attention to detail in these clips alone are hauntingly good. It even looks better than Apollo 13, which up until now, had been the bar that was set over 2o years ago by Ron Howard. Of course there will always be Kubrick’s 2001, but that film is in an entirely different category for me.

I will say this though…in the second clip and I think a lot of you will agree, the setting sun bouncing off of Sandra’s space suit definitely makes her outfit look a lot like Dave Bowman‘s in 2001. Homage? There I’ve said my peace.

GRAVITY arrives in theaters and IMAX/3D October 4, 2013