Bryan Cranston is a Russian hitman in trailer for Cold Comes the Night


Proving once again that there is nothing that this man can not do, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) is going “out the box” in his role as a nearly blind, Russian, career criminal. Cold Comes the Night is directed by Tze Chun (Children of Invention) and is about…


A struggling motel owner (Alice Eve) and her daughter are taken hostage by a nearly blind career criminal (Bryan Cranston) to act as his eyes in a vengeful attempt to retrieve the duffel bag full of stolen money that she lifted from one of the motel’s rooms. But now a crooked cop has the cash, and she has to help track him down and get the money back.

I was none too impressed by Alice Eve’s performance in Star Trek, but what better way to rebound than to “ugly” yourself up for a role like this.

In her defense, I think Star Trek was the first thing I’d ever seen her in.

But still, some people  have got the formula down and will stop at nothing to see that statue. I imagine Alice has been reading the Charlize Theron “How to make it as a pretty/ugly girl in Hollywood” book at her bedside.  Clever girl.

Cold Comes the Night releases in the U.K September 20, 2013. No word on a U.S date yet.

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