Videogame documentary Gamer Age pays homage to the classics


I was never cool enough to own a game console when I was young, my parents barely let me watch MTV. My exposure came from going over friends house’s and playing Contra and Gauntlet for hours on end, but then I would have to go home and that made me sad. At night I would dream about stacking 8 bit cheeseburgers and capturing the elusive Red Falcon…WHY DIDN’T THEY BUY MY A NINTENDO??!!

This trailer for Gamer Age,is surprisingly good and well shot and edited. The creators are hoping to have the full length documentary shown at the ArcLight Documentary Festival, Oct. 9-13! You can go now to their YouTube and vote for it to be shown. Voting ends July 21, 2013

Directed by Jonathan Drake, Ian Santer. With Kevin Tancharoen, Holly Conrad, Amanda White, Jennifer Zhang Gamer age presents an anthropological look into the rich culture of video games.
Bringing into focus the popular and esoteric influences gaming has had already, the passion and controversy surrounding games today, and a vision of what is yet to come. Though a relatively recent phenomenon, spanning only about 40 years; video games have had an immeasurable impact on mainstream society. Audiences will now witness the story of how video games have challenged conventional social dynamics, such as relationships, education, therapy, art, and commerce.


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