Clip from Rhymes for Young Ghouls blends New Jack City with Indian reservations


I think your really going to like this one. This clip from Rhymes From Young Ghouls directed by native Canadian film maker Jeff Barnaby, harnesses all the elements personified in 90’s films like Menace II Society, New Jack City and Good Fellas…yeah I said it..Good Fellas.

Judging by this clip I have very high hopes for this film. Rhymes From Young Ghouls will premier at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in September. The film stars Roseanne Supernault, Arthur Holden, Mark Antony Krupa, Devery Jacobs and Glen Gould andis directed by Jeff Barnaby

Full story Via (TWITCH)

Red Crow Mi’gMaq reservation, 1976: By government decree, every Indian child under the age of 18 must attend residential school. In the kingdom of the crow, that means imprisonment at St. Dymphna‘s. That means being at the mercy of “Popper”, the sadistic Indian agent who runs the school. At 15, Aila is the weed princess of Red Crow. Hustling with her uncle Burner, she sells enough dope to pay Popper her “truancy tax”, keeping her out her out of St.Ds. But when Aila’s drug money is stolen and her father Joseph returns from prison, the precarious balance of Aila’s world is destroyed. 
Her only options are to run or fight … and Mi’gMaq don’t run.

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