Video for “Coup d’ etat” by G Dragon will get ripped off


I’m not 100% on board with the hook, but that shits still bouncing around in my head after just one listen, so maybe it’s good? The video directed by Suh Hyun Seung (who G-Dragon worked with for BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby,” and solo singles “GO” and “One of a Kind”) certainly is. Coup d’etat, is an interesting yet very 30 Seconds to Mars, look at a pretty boy revolution. It’s an artistic directors dream or nightmare, depending on whose floating the bill. So much is going on in this video that it’s an easy target for industry heads out west to take a huge bite out of. Now what new American pop star can we mold into this androgynous K-pop wanna be?

G Dragon’s latest album Coup d’etat is G Dragon’s second release and it features a culmination of collaborations from various artists in the states like Diplo and Baauer whom he collaborated with on Coup d’etat, “Niliria” featuring Missy Elliot, “R.O.D.” featuring K-pop producer Lydia Paek, “Black” with Sky Ferreira and “Who You?,”


“My second studio album will be released soon,” he told the audience at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Hall. “I wanted to hold a concert after the release of the album, but the release date was bumped because I kept editing the album. I’m now somewhat satisfied with it. It feels like I’m getting my homework graded from a teacher, but please just enjoy the new album without criticizing it. I feel brand new. I’m going to keep releasing new music without notice as the title of the album, ‘COUP D’ETAT,’ indicates. I’m anxious for the songs to come out so we can enjoy them together.”

G-Dragon’s “GO,” along with “Niliria,” which he performed with Missy Elliot at KCON 2013, as well as two bonus tracks, “Window” and “Black” featuring Sky Ferreira, will all be included in the full album release on Sept. 13. The record also features music stars like Boys Noize, Korean singer Zion T and current K-pop trainee Jennie Kim.

It’s all fine and dandy until Kim Jong decides he’s had enough and let’s one fly…fart that is…whaaaaa???!!!!

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