Relativity Media adapting the graphic novel Anomaly for a feature film


Weeks ago MITNG did a review on this amazing, augmented reality graphic novel, called Anomaly created by software designer Skip Brittenham and comic book writer and illustrator Brian Haberlin, well today we received word that this epic story is being made into a feature length film.

Of course, not everything about this venture is clear yet, but this is what we do know …

Relativity Media (Immortals, The Social Network, Skyline) will be developing and producing a movie based off Anomaly. Joe Roth (Snow White and the Huntsman, Oz: The Great and Powerful) will produce the film and Ed Ricourt (Now You See Me) has signed on to write the script.

If any of you have read this story, you know how well it’s pages translates to film, so for the most part, this should be seamless and because of the augmented reality aspects of the book, I’m guessing 3D Imax may be on the menu for this science fiction masterpiece. We will see. As a fan of the film and book, I’m wishing these guys the best. This will be an excellent film.


Dishonorably discharged from the Conglomerate’s elite Enforcer Corps, Jon is doing a job too lowly for a robot. He leaps at the chance to go on a peaceful, first contact mission to an untainted world. Playing armed babysitter to Samantha, the daughter of a powerful Conglomerate executive shouldn’t be too hard. What could go wrong?


For Jon, it’s a relief to get away – on an easy assignment protecting a couple of do-gooders visiting a peaceful new planet. For Samantha, it’s a mission to change the world. For Jasson, it’s a chance to put his theories to the test.

Being marooned on Anomaly where technology doesn’t work, the terrain is lethal and the creatures even more so, Jon quickly learns he’s not the man he once was. Dark secrets surround the various species that call this world home. Jon’s actions here have the potential to ripple across the void of space, and touch everything in it… Maybe even the Conglomerate…

But when Anomaly sprouts synthetics-eating viruses, flesh-eating mutants and deadly magic, it becomes a race against which form of death will come first. Who will survive? Who will return?

For More info about the film click HERE

ANOMALY Official Website



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