Video for Deltron 3030-City Rising from Ashes featuring Mike Patton


Not one to mince words, Deltron is back and he’s spewing forth much of the same post apocalyptic rhetoric that made him famous on his self titled, 2000, release, but unlike his past accomplishments, he finally has a video that fits his conspiracy theory backdrops.

Looking a little like a cross between the character 9, from the Timur Bekmanbetov movie, and a Murloc, from H.G. Wells The Time Machine, the little girl in this videos journeys across a devastated landscape salvaging can goods and dreaming of a world she was probably was too young to even see. I regretfully admit that Del’s lyrics became white noise before the video was over, leaving me to wonder if what he was saying had anything to do with the video at all. But in the videos defense, it’s imaginative and I loved the costuming. If after watching, you still want to give his entire album a go check the links below.

Oh an tell me if can hear Mike Patton on this track.

Available now at or

Official Deltron 3030 Website

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