World of Warcraft movie get’s a release date


It always scares me when Hollywood takes on a franchise as big as World of Warcraft. So many questions run through my head as we hope the film, based on the beloved MMORPG and is played by millions, lives up to the legend it has become today. I’ve only seen one of Duncan Jone’s film, Moon starring Sam Rockwell, and yes…it was great, but would I have giving him the keys to Azeroth without seeing a smidgen of that epic-ness in something he’s done? Nope.

I’m not saying he won’t do justice to this film. One need only to look at him to tell that he’s definitely spent some time on the leveling grounds, but here’s the big question…what can World of Warcraft bring to the table that The Lord of the Rings hasn’t?  Orcs, Trolls, Elves, Monsters, Wizards…haven’t those persona’s been brought to amazing life by the maestro Peter Jackson. I realize that there are a ton of other aspects/races, in World of Warcraft, but let’s be honest, WOW is primarily comprised of the previously mentioned, but perhaps that’s where Duncan will find his niche, by exploring the less obvious.

The reach is wide, as far as fans of WOW are concerned, but the hard part will be getting the women, who’ve watched their significant others, destroy their relationships on WOW…to go, not only that, to spend 12 dollars on a film, based on a game, that she personally, would like to see go away forever. I kinda feel for the women in this situation. One need only look at Pacific Rim to see the effects of too much testosterone. Duncan, if he’s smart, will gear this movie towards the women. There are several story lines, within WOW, that lend themselves to the sensitive, I would pick one of them and roll with it…at least this is what I would do.

Sorry…I meant to tell you about the release date.

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Legendary & Universal Pictures have announced a 2015 release date for the upcoming World of Warcraft movie being directed by Duncan Jones (of Moon and Source Code). The movie, titled simply Warcraft, will arrive in theaters on December 18th, 2015 – no other major movies are scheduled for that December yet (however the last two Hobbit movies arrive on that weekend in 2013 and 2014). As we reported previously, casting is now underway (expect more news soon) and shooting begins early 2014. An early PVP sequence was shown at Comic-Con this summer, but specific story details are still unknown. The script is by Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond, Seventh Son) and Blizzard is intimately involved.

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