Dez Harley is a Nostalgic Guru

How much music is released on a daily basis? Let me rephrase that question; how much music do we miss out on a daily basis? Take a look at any Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or Facebook music page and that will put into perspective about the amount of potentially great tunes we forfeit by staying safe with our collection. I received a link recently with a caption titled, “Prod. by MF Doom”. It doesn’t matter what else was written, because I either thought this was a joke, or a surprise, but I assumed the first option. Readying my ears for embarrassment, I opened the link to a well made Bandcamp page that brightened my assumption of this ‘MF Doom’ track.

Attached was colorful images of bikini clad women and.. a cassette recorder? It was like I found deep web 10 years ago. My first thought before pressing play was another vaporwave track that’s covered by a solid layout, but I listened further and was pleased with the opening beat. Reminiscing an old feature flash game combined with DJ Shadow in his prime, “Foreshadow” was relatively fresh. I still didn’t know what to expect with the track, but I figured out the MF Doom label as soon as the instrumental broke into a replica beat. I assume the rapper is Dez Harley, who comes in pretty heavily once the new beat takes shape. I was sort of confused with the mixture of genres, but it began to make sense as the songs progressed. Dez Harley has a unique flow to him. He’s not out there like Danny Brown, but the guy has lungs of steel. I didn’t bother researching more about the artist, because the mysteriousness only added to my experience with this track. Apologies go out if I miss the mark completely.

He takes an enormous chunk of the song laying lyrics after lyrics praising his success and hard-work. It’s convincing enough to keep me captivated. After Harley takes a breath, the instrumental flows back into a vaporwave section filled with blips and bloops that just scream Twin Peaks and NWA. It’s nostalgia to my ears. At just over 3 minutes, Dez Harley takes a stab at the massively full hip-hop pool with a unique sound that stood out among the list of forgotten rappers. I would classify his style into a slacker-rap (Ironically his flow is extremely talented) with a heavy vaporwave influence. On the outside, this combination is doomed, but thanks to chances taken by people like Dez, I can recieve exciting new tracks like “Foreshadow”.



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