Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant is a feast for the eyes and mind


Here at MITNG, we talk a lot about positive female role models/characters. We don’t try, mind you, it’s just something we do, so it’s with a considerable amount of joy,  that I present to you, Firstsecond Publishing’s amazing new graphic novel Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant.

Set in a vividly drawn landscape, compliments of writer and illustrator Tony Cliff, Delilah Dirk weaves a wonderful tale, not unlike the greatest adventure stories of our time. One can’t help to be taken aback by images of worlds that some may never get to see, but are alive and in flawless detail in this book.

In 19th-century Turkey, an officer in the Janissary army must struggle to repay a brash adventuress for saving his life, even though she was the one who endangered it in the first place. The webcomic unfolds with four or six new pages each Saturday. The number of pages varies each week in service to the story, usually determined by which page would make a more cruel, heart-wrenching cliffhanger.


I will say this, she isn’t a role model in the stereo typical sense, but she’s a role model, in a world, that unfortunately isn’t that far from our world today. Delilah is a leader and not a follower, but strangely enough, the one who does follow, in this male dominated society, is a man. A man, who knows all too well, the trouble Delilah could and has gotten him into, but there are forces stronger than greed and adventure that are at work when it comes to why he follows and the writing “brilliantly” eludes to that fact without becoming cheesy. Her unfortunate counter part, Mr. Selim, was once a wealthy subservient in the Turkish army, but unforeseen circumstances has him on the run, with Delilah, from the same people he used to work for and Delilah’s own nemesis, known as Zakul.

This trade boast of “never a dull moment” and there isn’t. Delilah Dirk, is a swashbuckling, adventure seeking, death dealer with a heart of gold. The story is told in such amazing detail and fun, I didn’t want to leave. Course, what would any good book be without it’s element of magic and that comes in Delilah’s flying boat, that unfortunately get’s blown up, but it’s really cool while it last. It’s a modern day cliff hanger, only it’s set in the 19th Century. From page to page you will be hooked by the clever dialog and outstanding art. I recommend this book to anyone whose a fan of Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean or the Mummy.

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant has it all and is an amazing accomplishment by Tony Cliff

This series is available in web format or hard copy. I recommend the hard copy.

For more information on Delilah Dirk checkout these sites.

Dililah Dirk Homepage

Dililah Dirk Twitter

Delilah Dirk Facebook

Delilah Dirk Blog


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