Trailer for Bettie Page Reveals All finally talks to the woman herself


You had me at narrated by Bettie Page. It’s been four years since the world lost one of it’s most beloved and misunderstood sexual icons, but what she created and what she stood for, has and continues to be, felt throughout the world. Bettie Page was a meager “down home girl” before becoming a nude model for “photo clubs” that would ultimately lead her to becoming a fetish fashionista.

Directed by Academy Award nominee Mark Mori, Bettie Page Reveals All, is a “long overdue” look at the woman and how she became who she is. From her roots in Tennessee to the lavish life in California, the road to stardom wasn’t easy for Bettie, especially in her line of business, but the ups and downs were not without it’s fun and Mark has finally captured it.

This documentary is filled with never before seen footage of Bettie as well as interviews with Bettie Page, plus Hugh Hefner, Dita Von Teese. Laeticia Casta, Tricia Helfer, Rebecca Romijn, Todd Oldham, Shalom Harlow, Bunny Yeager, Tempest Storm, Paula Klaw, Olivia de Berardinis, Joel Beren, Mark Roesler, Chantal Thomas, Art Amsie and Steve Brewster. Bettie Page Reveals All opens in select theaters November 22 2013

In a docu-comedy romp through 1950’s American pop culture, the reclusive “Dark Angel,” Bettie Page, chronicles the behind-the-scenes story of her rise as a cult icon and for the first time fully reveals the story of her mysterious appearance at the height of her career in 1957. Unseen for more than 50 years and known to the public only by her iconic photographs, an unparalleled mystique has built up around Bettie Page. Here. she reveals the real woman behind the iconic image.

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