Full trailer for TRANSCENDENCE starring Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman


You remember the 1992 Pierce Brosnan film, The Lawnmower Man? Well, Transcendence is pretty much that, but with Morgan Freeman and Johnny Depp. Just an observation. Directed by Wally Pfister the uber- cinematographer for such films as Inception and The Dark Knight, Transcendence explores, yet again, the A.I.(artificial intelligence) contingency. Depp plays this super intelligent and highly controversial computer wizard whose ideas have come under scrutiny by rebel factions bent on his demise. The trailer looks a bit blah i.e. I didn’t find anything seriously compelling about it. It seemed like a lot of films I’ve seen before, rolled into one. The two that come to mind are the Al Pacino 2002 film S1m0ne and as I mentioned, The Lawnmower Man. Both of which received cult status, but never went above a dull roar. I see this happening for Transcendence. Morgan and Johnny used to be sure shots, but they just aren’t anymore. Either way, here’s the trailer. I’d be really surprised if there were any real surprises in this film.

Also starring Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara, Cillian Murphy, Clifton Collins Jr., and Morgan Freeman, Transcendence opens in 2D and IMAX on April 17, 2014. Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is the foremost researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working to create a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever known with the full range of human emotions. His highly controversial experiments have made him famous, but they have also made him the prime target of anti-technology extremists who will do whatever it takes to stop him. However, in their attempt to destroy Will, they inadvertently become the catalyst for him to succeed—to be a participant in his own transcendence. For his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and best friend Max Waters (Paul Bettany), both fellow researchers, the question is not if they can…but if they should. Their worst fears are realized as Will’s thirst for knowledge evolves into a seemingly omnipresent quest for power, to what end is unknown. The only thing that is becoming terrifyingly clear is there may be no way to stop him


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