Almost a year ago we heard about director James Cameron, producer Jon Landau and Walt Disney World Resort Chairman Tom Staggs, teaming up to create a park, within Animal Kingdom, that will be inspired by Pandora, well on Jan 10, 2014 they broke ground on it. Said to be one of the most ambitious undertakings ever, Jon Landau promises everything we loved from the film including floating mountains, banshees and bioluminescent plant life, that they said will help usher in some new nightlife in Animal Kingdom.


This week’s milestone is just the first step in a larger expansion for the park that will also include the debut of a new evening spectacular, as well as a nighttime version of Kilimanjaro Safaris.

With James Cameron busy with preproduction on AVATAR 2 and 3, I imagine this will all come together lovely for the release of the second installment to the beloved film. I wonder if Disney crunched the numbers on whether the Harry Potter Park at Universal actually generated a substantial amount of revenue for the company as a whole? I’m guessing they did, hence the reason they are trying this. That being said, I hope Disney puts as much, if not greater, effort into the Star Wars park if and when that ever starts.