DUST written by The Magic Cube and featuring Zak Hughes is a tour de force of amazing


U.K. producer The Magic Cube has done it again with another hard-hitting track! The Magic Cube a.k.a Kevin Tye, has been hard at work lately with the recent 2013 release Starfighter EP and now he’s teamed up with Arizona based producer Zak Hughes , for a groundbreaking track that’s guaranteed to be the soundtrack for anyone needing an aural fix for something extreme. DUST released on Critical Imprint, is a heart throbbing, electronic soundtrack for something mean and it delivers on all points. With beats and basslines reminiscent of amazing artist like Tricky, Aphex Twins and Prodigy, DUST fits in there nicely and up’s the ante with genuine inventiveness.  The track is available now on Itunes and Critical Imprint

Electro artist The Magic Cube breaks into 2014 with the Dubstep/Rock crossover single “Dust” featuring vocals by upcoming electro artist Zak Hughes. The empowering track features driving beats, sizzling dub step style baselines and hard rock guitars cemented by Zak’s cunning lyrics of hope and challenge to the status quo.

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