Checkout this Kubrick-esque trailer for Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson


Alien visitation has seen many manifestations in Hollywood. I myself, am a huge fan of the 1984 film “The Brother From Another Planet” starring Joe Morton, but there’s been a slew of them in the last century. It just never gets old, especially when it’s a sexy alien femme-fetale, who lures dumb human men in and kills them, but not before making buc- stupid sex with them. Take that formula and add a heaping helping of Scarlett Johansson and Kubrick and you have Jonathan Glazer’s (Sexy Beasts, Birth) latest cerebral science fiction gloominess “Under The Skin”. The story follows Scarlett as an alien sent to our planet to destroy, but what happens is she gets all emotional about it and has second thoughts. Essentially like Commander Data’s emotional chip, but different? The trailer looks  a lot like a recent film I saw Beyond the “Black the Black Rainbow” directed by Panos Cosmatos, but I’m only saying that cause visually this trailer steps on several toes…Kubrick, Jordorowsky,Lynch, but those are some of my favorite directors so no harm no foul.

Via. Firstshowing.Net

In search of loners, Laura (Scarlett Johansson) drives around the exquisitely moody landscapes of the Scottish highlands. She’s an alien, sent from afar and equipped with enough human language and awesome seductive power to capture, destroy and presumably send home human males. And then, her curiosity about her human body and an accidental act of pity disrupt her mission. Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Birth) directs the film and co-wrote the script with Walter Campbell, based on Michael Faber’s novel. Under the Skin was acquired by A24 Films from TIFF 2013, and will begin playing with a limited release April 4th.

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