Trailer for the documentary Rhythm and Hues:Life After Pi


I think people take for granted, the time and effort that goes into creating these worlds we’ve come to know and love. The pros make it so seamless, that it all floats by us as well as those who hold the checks in Hollywood. Last year when  visual effects house Rhythm and Hues, went belly up, it was the first time people started to take notice at what was really happening in the  vfx world. How could a vfx house, that just created a film that won an Oscar, be bankrupt? The answer to this question eluded me for a long time til I started to talk to friends of mine in that community. I sat on the phone for hours with a lead visual effects supervisor, as he went on and on about the conditions of his community and how having no union or the “magic hat” attitude, many of these studios/directors embody when it comes to movie making, has contributed to this slow crumble. It was all quite disturbing. What lack of respect and for a medium that is prominent in 99.9% of all films today. Hopefully this trailer will shine a light on this travesty.


Life After Pi is short documentary filmed on location at Rhythm & Hues Studios – the Los Angeles based visual effects company that won an Academy Award in 2013 for its groundbreaking work on Ang Lee’s Life of Pi – during the weeks that followed a devastating bankruptcy. The documentary was made by R&H employees who picked up cameras as the meltdown ensued and is part of a larger documentary titled Hollywood Endingmore info on that here. This short doc will be released online starting February 25th later this month. Stay tuned for the release.

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