Writer Bret Easton Eillis and director Rob Zombie are working on a Manson Murder tv show for FOX


Yeah you heard right and your probably asking yourself…”why a t.v. series?” and “wouldn’t this make a better movie?”  My answer to you would be yes, but that’s not what bothers me the most about this. What bothers me most is that Rob “hackjob” Zombie is attached to this and I know it’s only because it fits him visually, but does he really have what it takes to take one of the most iconic psychopaths in history and tell a legitiment story? Especially given his track record of films. I know I’m coming off negative, but he’s one of those directors, not unlike M. Knight, that thinks anything fitting thier genre belongs to them, because hey! Look what I’ve done, and we all know shitty writing and cult followings does not a good movie make. I will say this however and that is author Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho,Less Than Zero) is a hell of a pick for a writer and is probably the only thing that’ll allow FOX to greenlight this.

Here’s a suggestion to Rob…find an amazing cinematographer and an amazing cast and allow this to be the only thing you concentrate on for the next few years. This could be your citizen Kane, but not if your not 100% focused.

(Via. Variety)

The Ellis-Zombie collaboration aims to tell converging stories of people and events leading up to and after the murders, from shifting points of view. The project is envisioned as a multipart series, but it is one of many limited series projects in the works and is far away from receiving a greenlight.

The idea for the project began with Zombie and Adam Kolbrenner and Robyn Meisinger of Madhouse Entertainment. They developed the concept and brought it to Ellis and Alcon. To date, no source material has been optioned for the project, which plans to take an original approach to dramatizing stories drawn from the historical record.

The Manson Family saga was previously adapted for the 1976 CBS TV movie “Helter Skelter,” which was based on the book of the same name by prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi.

Ellis most recently penned the micro-budgeted Lindsay Lohan starrer “The Canyons,” released last year by IFC. Zombie’s last directorial effort was the 2013 indie “The Lords of Salem.”

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