Old pictures surface of Stanley Kubricks reclusive daughter on her twitter feed


All I have to say is…WOW! I had no idea of all the drama surrounding the daughter of legendary director Stanley Kubrick,  Vivian Kubrick, and now that I know, it makes these images, she recently posted on her Twitter feed, even more haunting. Vivian Kubrick and her father were like peas and carrots during the hay days of her fathers career. She brought to the screen “The Making of the Shining” and even provided the soundtrack for the 1986 film “Full Metal Jacket”, then in 1999 she joined the Church of Scientology and that’s when things got, as you’d expect, a little weird. Just after she joined, Stanley asked Vivian to score the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman film Eyes Wide Shut, which she turned down.

(Via. Raw Story)

“Stanley asked Vivian to compose the score, but at the last moment she said she wouldn’t,” Kubrick’s widow Christiane told the Guardian in 2009. “They had a huge fight. He was very unhappy. He wrote her a 40-page letter trying to win her back. He begged her endlessly to come home from California. I’m glad he didn’t live to see what happened.”

(Via. Dangerous Minds)

Vivian allegedly turned-up at her father’s funeral with a Scientology handler. Vivian’s distance from her family became more apparent after she apparently failed to attend her sister Anya’s funeral in 2009. The sisters had once been inseparable.

There’s a picture we posted below of Vivian and her sister in New York. The image is a haunting reminder of how things fall apart. The whole thing is kinda sad and I won’t be like some and start judging people cause no one, but Vivian, knows why it all went down the way it did. All we can do is just pray that her and her family will one day find peace.


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