This MATRIX fan film is worth watching…over and over


Featuring some outstanding looking “Sentinels”, this Matrix fan film could easily be an intro to a television series or even a Netflix exclusive…it’s that good! Shot in Bogota, Columbia by director/vfx artist Felix Joleanes, the short “seemingly” takes place after the machines have taken over and the world (the real world) as we know it, is no more. A young girl emerges with her plasma weapon from a wrecked ship, not unlike the Nebakanezer from the Matrix films. She navigates the dilapidated buildings with her make shift walkie-talkie, hoping to rendezvous with a rescue party, but the Sentinels are closing in. It’s tense and visually very very interesting. Felix utilizes some absolutely fantastic angles to give the scene some real weight. This short, hands down, makes me so psyched for this continuation of the Matrix movies, I keep hearing about. Whatever the case may be, this would make one hell of  television show.


The project was born in 2013 when Antonio, a friend of mine, suggested to make a video with a Sentinel 3D model that i made some time ago for fun. I was hooked since the beginning with the idea, i wrote a small synopsis and then a 3 page script, the project started to grow more than i expected. At the beginning we only thought of making a small visual effects integration video and then we ended up with a 3 minute live action short film.

This project was made in Colombia, and it was shot near Bogotá using a GH3 Camera and some Rokinon Lenses.I want to thank Alejandro Ramírez for helping me along the project until the End with his enormous talent, and the talent of his musician and sound team (his website:

If you want to check some project pics, work in progress and details of the project check this link:


Trickster – The Matrix Fan film from Felix Joleanes on Vimeo.

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