Checkout this beautiful trailer for Wish I Was Here starring Zach Braff


Okay, so I got pretty giddy inside after watching this beautifully edited trailer for Zach Braff’s sophomore film Wish I Was Here. It’s an easy sell seeing as how it somehow involves a young girl (with a debilitating disease), her fanboy little brother and a granddad played by the legendary Mandy Patinkin, on his deathbed in a hospital and the whole thing is set to The Shins “A Simple Song” . I’m checking right now for the official synopsis to see how much of what I just said is true and…..I wasn’t that far off, but here’s the official synopsis. It’s a bit long winded, but then again, so is this trailer.


Zach Braff stars as a thirtysomething family man wrestling with his disapproving father, an elusive God, and adult responsibility. Pursuing acting has landed him and his wife (Kate Hudson) in a tough spot, so when his grumpy father (Mandy Patinkin) can no longer pay for the kids to attend Jewish Yeshiva, Aidan opts for homeschooling, much to the chagrin of his hyperdisciplined, religious daughter (Joey King) and the delight of his less-than-studious son (Pierce Gagnon), The film premiered at the Sundance 2014, hits theaters in NY and LA on July 18th, and expands on August 1st.


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