I’m a Star Wars fan and I didn’t even know this. I found this on one of my favorite sites Dangerous Minds, it tells a tale of when David Lynch was approached by George Lucas to direct Return of the Jedi. Sounds crazy right? Well it kind of makes sense seeing as how Lynch was already in preproduction for DUNE. He was Hollywood hot shit! Anyway, below is an excerpt from an interview Lynch gave to MTV back in the 80’s, along with a fan trailer of one of the biggest “what if’s” in fan boy history.

MTV: Is it true you almost directed “Return of the Jedi”? How close did you come?

Lynch: Not close at all. I had a meeting with George [Lucas]. I like George. It was his thing. I said, “You should direct this. It’s your thing! It’s not my thing.”

MTV: Did he flat-out offer it to you at the time?

Lynch: Yeah!

MTV: But you immediately declined.

Lynch: I called him the next day.