Mis-Drop is a science fiction short unlike anything you’ll see…ever

Trust the folks from New Zealand (Wellington to be exact) to keep upping the ante ,when it comes to innovative ways to tell stories with visual effects. Mis-Drop is one of those, out of the box, science fiction films, that if director Ferand Peek isn’t careful, Hollywood will steal the shit out of and act like they came up with it. How is this film so innovative? It’s not subtlety, that’s for sure, but it’s by never underestimating the gripping power of sound. The first few minutes of this film is a nail-biting, claustrophobic masterpiece as our lead Eliot Travers prepares for war, from within his battle armor, which he never leaves, instead his interactions with the outside world come via reflections off his helm, a highly advanced HUD inside his helmet and audio being pumped into his suit. As machines poke and prods at him in preparation for a military drop,his first, on some unknown planet, he is in constant communications with other soldiers who are along for the ride (heard , but never seen..mind you). The dialogue and comradery is believable and gives this piece a real sense of honesty. I don’t want to give too much away, but it escalates quick, into one hell of a story, that I can’t wait to see the end off. Check out the film below!


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