Dark Horses Sledge Hammer 44 Volume 1 is legendary


From it’s inception, this story off archaic power, rebirth and of course Nazi’s, was destined for greatness and it is! What started as a labor of love for the Eisner Award winning artist John Powers Severin (December 26, 1921 – February 12, 2012) has come to fruition with the help of the uber-talented writers Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and John Arcudi (Solo) and equally talented artists Jason Latour (B.P.R.D) and Laurence Campbell (Punisher).

Trust Mike to align himself with an artist like John for this action packed story of mysticism, violence and redemption. Sledgehammer44 has all the whistles and bells contained in any given BPRD story, but with this underline eerieness…what am I saying?… everything Mike Mignola writes is eerie. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s been a long time since I’ve picked up any of his works, but when I do, I’m always satisfied.

I mean anytime someone has the balls to actually draw Adolf Hitler and I’m not talking about a shoulder or hairline, but the whole kitten caboodle, you know risks are being taken and luckily, it all paid off.

Synopsis: A man in a suit of iron drops from an American warplane onto a French battlefield and unleashes a powerful cosmic force on an army of Nazis, their massive war machine, and their most dangerous agent, the deadly Black Flame! 

Awesome! Awesome! I love this story! What John Severin started at the ripe old age of 89, bloomed into a tale about death and the legacy we leave behind. Set in WWII, the stakes for everyone in Sledgehammer, is already high as the creators drop us in the trenches during a reconnaissance mission of epic proportions. The introduction of our hero, or heroes, lays the strange on heavily, as you struggle to understand who or what this “thing” is. As the story of The Sledgehammer begins to unfold, not fully, we are taken on an existential journey. In a few brief panels were given a taste of what The Sledgehammer is and how it works. The brilliance comes when we learn of the by-product of tampering with powers beyond the understanding of those who created this suit. It’s just awesome in a way that only these true auteurs could deliver.

John Severin passed away before the completion of this amazing story, but I’m certain he would very happy with the results.

Sledgehammer 44 is a must read!

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