BOOM! STUDIOS unveils first 6 pages of the new Big Trouble in Little China comic book


And I just watch this film for the 100th time only two days ago. For those that don’t know Big Trouble….it is an eighties cult classic, that has been gaining steam ever since it’s lack-lustre performance at the box office, back in 1986. Directed by John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) this Kung Fu fantasy paid homage to the seventies kung fu flicks that inundated smaller screens throughout America. Not unlike films such as Buckaroo Banzai, it was perhaps one of the most underrated films of that decade and understandably so, given the number of films it was up against such as Platoon, Top Gun, Ferris Buellar’s Day Off and Aliens, films that I think we can all agree were classics across the board.

But flash forward 30 years later and Big Trouble… is now looked at as a true cult classic and lucky for us the comic book world is about to get another dose of Jack Burton, right where the film ended.

(Via. EW)

Beginning with the first issue on June 4, Boom! Studios will be rolling out Big Trouble in Little China, the new comic book series co-written by Eric Powell (creator of the awesome series The Goon) and Carpenter, with art care of Brian Churilla (creator of the critically acclaimed The Secret History of D.B. Cooper). In the comic, Burton — still played by the likeness of the mullet-clad Russell — finds a series of new adventures aboard the Pork Chop Express, the big rig he kept trying to recover in the film.

This is amazing news for fans of the film, and who knows, maybe if it does well, there could be a future for it on the big screen again. Below are more excerpts from the conversation with Carpenter and Powell regarding the collaboration on this series.

Though they hadn’t met before, Carpenter and Powell found kindred spirits in one another. “I had a definite idea of what I wanted to do with it,” says Powell. “The minute we sat down and started talking, what he thought we should do was exactly what I had in mind. We were on the same page from the beginning.” Carpenter describes their working relationship thusly: “Eric works really hard, sends his stuff to me, and I say, ‘Good job!’” the director says. “It’s a great process. It’s one I can actually do.”

The first issue of the ongoing monthly comic book series Big Trouble In Little China hits stores on June 4 with five different collectible covers drawn by Powell, Joe Quinones, Chris Weston, Terry Dodson, and Emi Yonemura Brown. But just to whet your whistle, you can take the first exclusive look at the first six pages below (click each page to enlarge for easier reading).

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