What do you get when a game designer has a love for vintage cartoons…. CUPHEAD bitch! This outstandingly brilliant XBOX ONE game has taking things into the truly innovative direction. The game house MDHR has created a game that looks like something your great grandparents watched on television. They’ve even gone as far as to use actual cells and inking by hand (whatever that means), to create the vintage animated 1930’s look. The game also features live recorded jazz. I feel all like Steve Buscemi’s character in Ghost World right now. I am all about this game and I don’t own a game system. but God as my witness, I will own this game and if need be, it’ll be the only thing I play in that XBOX.

According to The Daily Dot  CUPHEAD is all apart of a new initiative by XBOX ,to step up their originality game and try to harness a new demographic. I can’t agree more. There are numerous things that they could be doing with these machines instead of serving up the same things. The processors in those game units are limitless and it’s a shame cause most of the more creative stuff, like CUPHEAD, wouldn’t even need a processor that strong. We’ve almost gone beyond what we need. Check out the trailer below. It’s awesome!!!

If there ever was a reason to spark one up and play a video game….THIS IS IT!!!!