The Magic Cube’s latest EP “I Hate Them” hits hard


British born EDM producer Kevin Tye a.k.a The Magic Cube, is one hell of a busy man these days. In addition to finishing his palatial home studio (ground zero for his Critical Imprint Label), he’s been doing remixes for Arizona dance artists Miss Krystle, and he, most recently, teamed up with Zak Hughes on the prophetic post-apocalyptic banger DUST. As if that wasn’t enough, he spends his free time doing sound work on films, so when I received the link for Kevin’s latest “I Hate Them” I was thrilled to know that he was keeping up that break-neck pace and delivering “sound” high-energy dance music.

The intro to “I Hate Them” features the voice of his young daughter speaking to, what can be best described as, a minion of some sort. It reminds me a bit of The Prodigy’s intro for Jilted Generation, but I think I can speak for Kevin, when I say, that’s not a bad thing. Having known Kevin for a couple of years now, he makes no apologies about his love for British dance music and his taste for danceable London-based hardcore dance music pervades “I Hate Them” with all the ferocity a track can muster.

“I Hate Them” includes three remixes including a moombhaton remix and another outstanding and more late-night banger under his other pseudonym London Social Club. A highlight on the EP is I Hate Them (people who),maybe it’s because I have always been a fan of break beats, but this remix is down right nasty. The “people who” is an excerpt taking from the “intro” conversation Kevin’s daughter has with this minion. It’s absolutely epic and foreboding, at the same time. Maybe one day I will ask Kevin who “the people” he mentions on the EP are, but I think it goes without saying that “haters” would be pretty high on that list. But honestly, if “I Hate Them” does as good as I anticipate…they have every right to.

I Hate Them on Amazon

I Hate Them on BEATPORT


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