Insane new trailer for MONSTERS:DARK CONTINENT arrives

Monsters-Dark-Continent-2014-Movie-ImageIt’s been awhile since I first watched director Gareth Edwards alien invasion cult classic MONSTERS. But since then, Gareth has gone on to bigger and better with the release of this years Godzilla (without a doubt ,one of the best films this summer). A sequel to MONSTER wasn’t really on my radar. It seemed like a pretty open and shut case, of course the story was bigger, but again…I could take it or leave it. Last year I learned that they were in production for the sequel to monsters, but I could count on one hand how many people really commented on that story. I really don’t think anyone knew what to expect. The director attached to the sequel, Tom Green, hadn’t blown up in the states and although I hear his BBC television series MISFITS is amazing I nor a lot of people here knew much about him. Then BAM!!!! This trailer for MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT arrives and now he has our undying attention. Looking a bit like The Hurt Locker meets Tremors meets Godzilla meets Cloverfield, this will be the fix we need as Oscar season closes in on us and we are left with less alien-invasion-heavy cinema.

This is going to be the one to watch out for and I promise you it will own the box office! Which, if I’m correct, they are hoping for consideration this Oscar season with a fall release. Let’s see what happens.

The film is due for a theatrical release in the UK on November 28th, but, at the moment, Monsters 2 does not have domestic distribution.

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