Spice Frontier is for the Intergalactic Foodies

“In space, no one can hear you season your food.”

Yep! That was my corny intro! Now let’s get right down to this work of art! Spice Frontier is the creation of Steamroller Studios. Set in space, the story follows two voyagers, one human, the other, a robot. They’re on a mission to find the last vestiges of Earth’s spices. Their voyage, so far, places our protagonists in some very precarious positions leading to a tremendous ending!
If you were ever a fan of animators like Don Bluth or movies like Titan A.E., Atlantis or Treasure Planet, you will absolutely love this! I am saddened that this isn’t on the second season of Netflix’s Love Death and Robots. Perhaps it is…it should be!

Published by Jeffrey Lamar

I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.

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