Matthew Freidell breaks down the Tarot in this clever short “After the Fall”

I have always been fascinated by the tarot! I love seeing how they can be interpreted and by whom. I’ve always wondered if I was worthy. I also have wondered if I had the balls. The future is not for the faint of heart…Ronald Reagan, not me. When I first watched this short, I had no idea what to think, but minutes into it, I began to realize just how much the tarot is really about the human condition. Most of what is discovered in tarot lies within, this is why it wholes so much fascination.

I hope you enjoy this inspiring, almost TED Talkish, breakdown of one of the most misunderstood tools of divination in the world!

Here’s a word from the director on why he created this video.

I’ve been using this time in isolation to dive a little deeper into my fascination with the mysteries of the esoteric and occult. One tool that I’ve found really helpful right now is the Tarot. In these times of great disruption and uncertainty, the archetypes and stories that are contained within these cards can bring a lot of clarity and direction. I wanted to share a little about my experience with those who might not be as familiar, so I made this video. If this resonates, let me know. I might do more of these if people find them helpful.

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