Animated Short Victor and Isolina is a beautiful tribute to the creators Grandparents

Director William Caballero has created a quirky masterpiece with Victor and Isolina! This story, told by use of 3D modeling, still pictures, beautiful cinematography and lovely music, is about the relation between the directors grandparents Victor and Isolina.

It has that NPR: Storycorps vibe as the visuals chronicle the falling in and out of love of these not-so-starstruck lovers.

From the directors Vimeo page:

Victor and Isolina is an animated short film, featuring 3D printed miniatures of director William D. Caballlero’s bickering and boisterous, Puerto Rican grandparents. It’s a humorous ‘he said, she said’ account of how the elderly couple separated after years of a shaky relationship and cohabitation.

Victor and Isolina debuted at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, qualified for an Academy Award, and screened at the Museum of Modern Art.

The short film is a spinoff of ‘Gran’Pa Knows Best’, an interstitial series that debuted for two seasons on HBO, where the viewer gets to ask Caballero’s grandfather for his quirky advice on a variety of topics ( The series is currently available for licensing, and all interested parties should send Caballero a private message for more information.

Directed, produced, shot, and edited by William D. Caballero (

Produced by Elaine Del Valle (

3D modeling by Chang Kim

3D printing by Seth Burney

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