Streetlight Manifesto’s latest album is solid but is not without controversy

Streetlight Manifesto had let me down with their previous release “99 songs of the revolution” which was a compilation of covers that at most seemed forced. To put it lightly I wasn’t very impressed.. so when I heard about the release of “The Hands That Thieve“, a full length original album which was supposed toContinue reading “Streetlight Manifesto’s latest album is solid but is not without controversy”

Synth duo “Math The Band” is high energy rock

At first Math The Band was just a Westford, Massachusetts kid named Kevin Steinhauser screwing around on his computer making funny songs on a program called Fruity Loops or FL Studio. I only discovered him because at the same time I was doing the same thing in a joke band called Laptop Revolution. The amazingContinue reading “Synth duo “Math The Band” is high energy rock”