Ever wanted a full scale Millennium Falcon in your backyard? Well, these guys are doing it.

Chris Lee has a quest.  Most people may think he’s nuts.  But, that’s what they thought of Noah, too, when he built his ark.  To those that read this blog, however, Chris’ project probably seems like a much more worthwhile endeavor.  He wants to build the ultimate Star Wars prop,  a 1:1 scale ESB/ANH hybridContinue reading “Ever wanted a full scale Millennium Falcon in your backyard? Well, these guys are doing it.”

The prequel to the film, 300: Marathon – by Boaz Yakin and Joe Infurnari

Marathon is the most classical of chase sequences.  A perfect precursor to the Frank Miller film, 300, in both tone and realism, Boaz Yakin and Joe Infurnari’s graphic novel is a page turning account of the 240 kilometer, 2 day run of the soldier, Pheidippides, and the ensuing Battle of Marathon that is considered to be a pivotal moment in the preservationContinue reading “The prequel to the film, 300: Marathon – by Boaz Yakin and Joe Infurnari”

Want to be a 007 agent? Order a Coke Zero.

Unsuspecting passengers at a train station thought they were simply buying a Coke Zero to quench their thirst.  Next thing you know, they are on a 70 second mission to get to a gate on the other side of the building, complete with obstacles.  Promotion at its finest.  Check out the video I found courtesyContinue reading “Want to be a 007 agent? Order a Coke Zero.”

The World is Our Canvass : Street Art Utopia

Street Art Utopia is going to be the coolest website you will visit this week, maybe this month, you will like them on Facebook, and I will guarantee many of you will have one of their posted pictures as your profile pick within 24 hours.  The artistry and imagination that the featured artists apply toContinue reading “The World is Our Canvass : Street Art Utopia”

‘Interview with the Vampire’ to be released as graphic novel, told from Claudia’s point of view

Are not the child vampires the most horrifying and intriguing?  As fine a job that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise did as Louise and Lestat, respectfully, it could very well be said that Kirsten Dunst stole the show with her portrayal of Claudia in the 1994 film adaptation of Anne Rice’s, Interview with the Vampire. Continue reading “‘Interview with the Vampire’ to be released as graphic novel, told from Claudia’s point of view”

The Fantastic Nostalgia of: Mars Attacks – 50th Anniversary Collection

In 1962, Topps introduced a limited run of science fiction trading cards, packed with a thin slice of powdery bubble gum, to a limited public entitled, Mars Attacks.  Violent, gory and filling the need for a trading card representation in the growing sci-fi community, Mars Attacks sold well.  The public backlash towards the gruesome images, however, spooked the Topps corporation, inducing them to pull theContinue reading “The Fantastic Nostalgia of: Mars Attacks – 50th Anniversary Collection”

Skyfall trailer with Adele title track

Today, October 5, 2012 has been officially announced as Global James Bond Day, setting off a series of events celebrating the franchises 50th anniversary.  What better way to spark things off than the release of Adele’s title track of the upcoming film, Skyfall.  I don’t know if my following video is the ‘official’ one or not, but, it gets meContinue reading “Skyfall trailer with Adele title track”

M.I.T.N.G. Reviews – Metro: A Story of Cairo

Software designer and computer network hacker, Shehab, is trapped in a self-proclaimed ‘cage’ that is the Egyptian government and social system of complacency.  Following the demise of his programming business due to multinational takeover, he is left bankrupt and in debt to a local thug boss who elbowed his way into Shehab’s affairs.   Frustrated, jobless, and pursuedContinue reading “M.I.T.N.G. Reviews – Metro: A Story of Cairo”

Monsters need love too : Wilco’s Sunloathe video

This is a beautiful and touching animated short taken from a large collection of drawings by Nathaniel Murphy, a drum tech for Wilco‘s Glenn Kotche.  As we get into the spirit of the Halloween season, the video is a gentle reminder that there are sensitive creatures in the world that we may perhaps deem asContinue reading “Monsters need love too : Wilco’s Sunloathe video”

Moogfest : Celebrating the Collision of Art & Science

“When Bob Moog invented the Moog synthesizer in 1964 he revolutionized popular music. His creations touched thousands of lives as synthesizers gained acceptance in the music world and became the catalyst for new forms of sonic expression. Genre-definers like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Parliament-Funkadelic and Kraftwerk used Moog synthesizers to create the soundtrackContinue reading “Moogfest : Celebrating the Collision of Art & Science”