Listen To: Grimes – Skin (Four Tet Remix)

This just hit the internet today. Great remix:   There is some talk of whether or not it is legitimate or not, but it appears to have been posted on Four Tet’s “Official” Facebook page — so that’s good enough for me. Time will tell if it’s actual or not, but it sounds a lotContinue reading “Listen To: Grimes – Skin (Four Tet Remix)”

Listen To: Emancipator – Minor Cause (from upcoming album)

One of my favorite electronic artists, Emancipator (Douglas Appling), hasn’t released a new album since 2010 (not counting the amazing remix album from 2011). News just hit today that he is dropping a new album at the end of this month! Dusk to Dawn will be released on Loci Records on January 29th. A new trackContinue reading “Listen To: Emancipator – Minor Cause (from upcoming album)”

Listen To: Kavinsky – Protovision

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a leak from Kavinsky’s new album, “Outrun”. It wasn’t a leak, per se, as much as a minute-long clip from the song “Odd Look” that was featured on a BMW commercial. Well, in the past week, he released a full single and new video from the album called Protovision. YouContinue reading “Listen To: Kavinsky – Protovision”

Listen To: Lindsay Lowend

Lindsay Lowend entered my musical world early this morning, and I haven’t been unable to take it off my playlist since. Simply put, this guy is going places in the Future Beats scene. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a lot more from him in the coming months. There’s not a lot of information outContinue reading “Listen To: Lindsay Lowend”

Preview of new Kavinsky single, “Odd Look”

French Electro artist Kavinsky is releasing a new album soon, and after the immense popularity from his single “Nightcall” from the Drive Soundtrack, it’s bound to be a hit among electronic lovers everywhere. “Nightcall” was co-produced by Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and you can definitely see the influence from Daft Punk’s TRON soundtrack in the new track, “OddContinue reading “Preview of new Kavinsky single, “Odd Look””